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Wasn’t that a really nice review in the Gloucestershire Echo on July 21st? It is always nice to receive good reviews, although we appreciate all the reviews that we receive as we continually strive to maintain and improve our service to our customers.

Chob and I have recently spent a couple of weeks on holiday in Thailand, with family and friends. While we were there, Chob celebrated a very special birthday. Our first task of the day was to sponsor a lunch for the students at Thanyaporn Girls Home in Pathumthani, Bangkok.

This was a humbling but worthwhile experience for us as it was good to know that the girls there are in a safe environment which will prepare them well for their adult lives. More on this in a later blog.

Later, despite Bangkok’s best rainy efforts to stop us getting there, we spent the evening at the top of Bangkok’s tallest buliding, Bayoke Tower.

Here, Chob was able to meet up with friends and family to celebrate her special birthday. Thanks to everybody who came along to help make it a special day for Chob.